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Overseen in a girl’s bathroom on campus. Should we hide all of our Ginnys?

more sleepover girlfriends (•͈⌔•͈⑅)

marcy wants attention but pb’s reading some good ol’ shoujo ai

F-A-L-L season is upon us….

So I’m thinking about doing live stream art lessons. These would be actual free lessons from a New York State certified art teacher, not just watching me draw.  
The “catch” would be that if you want to chose what (fanart like this) I draw/what topic I cover, you have to vote on one of three options by making a small $2 donation towards my game design fund.  All of this is meant to fund an adventure game that will teach kids how to research and think critically on the internet.
This is just an idea at the moment…so please let me know if you would like such art lessons, or would want to help me fund the pre-production of my game’s demo by voting on lesson topics. 

Teh GAY is ON

Okay a couple weeks ago someone requested some short hair bubbline for a bad day cuz short hair is mad cute, yo. Anyway this is p late, but here ya go, person I hope you actually see this!!

wow ok

um… gay
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